Learning With Texts

Learning with Texts (LWT) is a tool for Language Learning. The software can be downloaded for free from SourceForge.

Duet English employed this software for many years to aid student reading and comprehension.


  • Learning with Texts (LWT) is a tool for Language Learning, inspired by:
  • You define languages you want to learn and import texts you want to use for learning.
  • While listening to the audio (optional), you read the text, save, review and test “terms” (words or multi word expressions, 2 to 9 words).
  • In new texts all your previously saved words and expressions are displayed according to their current learn statuses, tooltips show translations and romanizations (readings), editing, changing the status, dictionary lookup, etc. is just a click away.
  • Import of terms in TSV/CSV format, export in TSV format, and export to Anki (prepared for cloze tests), are also possible.


  • You define languages you want to learn.
  • You define the web dictionaries you want to use.
  • You define how sentences and words in the language will be split up.
  • You upload texts, and they are automatically split into sentences and words! Later re-parsing is possible.
  • Optional: Assign the URL of an mp3 audio file of the text (Dropbox, local server, …) in order to listen while reading the text.
  • You read the text while listening to the audio, and you see immediately the status of every word (unknown, learning, learned, well-known, ignored).
  • You click on words, and you use the external dictionaries to find out their meanings.
  • You save words or expressions (2..9 words) with optional romanization (for asiatic languages), translations and example sentence, you change its status, you edit them whenever needed (like in LingQ).
  • You test your understanding of words and expressions within or without sentence context.
  • MCD (Massive-Context Cloze Deletion) testing, as proposed by Khatzumoto @ AJATT, built-in!
  • See your progress on the statistics page.
  • You may export the words and expressions and use them in Anki or other programs.
  • You may upload words and expressions into LWT (from LingQ or other sources, CSV/TSV) – they are immediately available in all texts!
  • New since Version 1.5.0: Create and edit an improved annotated text version (a hyperliteral translation as interlinear text) for online or offline learning. Read more here.
  • The application is 100 % free, open source, and in the Public Domain. Do with it what you like!
  • Prerequisites: a local webserver (Apache, PHP, mySQL), e.g. EasyPHP or XAMPP (Windows), MAMP (macOS), or a LAMP server (Linux).
  • Enjoy your language learning!

How to learn with LWT

  • Find an interesting text (preferably with an mp3 audio file) in the Internet and load it into LWT. If you are a beginner, look for beginner courses or podcasts in the Internet.
  • You don’t know where to find texts with audio? The LingQ Library has many (only a free registration is needed). Or look into this thread in the LingQ Forum, you will find there lots of great links to resources. Or click (within the LingQ library) on “My Imports” – you will find a list of links of “Suggested resources”.
  • Read the text, look up the new words and expressions (=terms) and save them for review and test.
  • The good thing with LWT: Every saved term will show up with its translation, status, etc. in all other occurrences of the same text and every other text! So you’ll see immediately what you already know and how well you know it. And of course you’ll see what you don’t know!
  • Load the MP3 file also on your portable MP3 player and listen to it often.
  • Review (by reading again) or test your saved words and expressions.
  • Listen ▶ Read ▶ Review/Test.
    Listen ▶ Read ▶ Review/Test.
  • That’s it. It’s that simple.
  • If you want to know more, watch Steve Kaufmann’s videos on YouTube: “The 7 secrets of language learning”, “Language learning FAQ”, and many more.