Online Home Study (Quizlet)

Studying a second language is a full-time commitment. It is important to review the material you study as often as possible. So with that in mind, we created an on-line study program with over 1100 customized lessons. We have created a home study program that focus on the lessons we have taught in class. It is a chance to either preview or review the lessons that were or will be taught in our school.

There are various methods to study at home, one is to study using the on-line flashcards giving both the English word and spelling and the Korean meaning, a spelling program that will say the word and the student must then try to spell the word in English. If the word is spelled correctly then the student moves on to the next word, if the student spells the word incorrectly it fixes the spelling and shows the student their mistake. There is also a test taking mode which asks students questions and the students answer the questions and are graded on how many questions they get right.

We have also added aspects to the on-line study that are games using the vocabulary we study in the school. These methods of study are fun and enjoyable to the student. The student is having so much fun they aren’t aware that they are actually learning and strengthening their vocabulary. These games are “Space Race” where a Korean word races across the screen and the student needs to write the word in English before the Korean word reaches the opposite end of the screen. There is also “Scatter” where all the English words and the Korean meanings to these English words are scattered across the screen. The student then matches the English word with its Korean meaning, when they do the words disappear. When the screen is cleared of words the game ends.

These lessons are availed to you anytime free of charge.