Our Teaching Method (우리의 가르치는 방법)

Teaching elementary students is challenging. You are placing the building blocks of all future English study. That is why our main focus is on reading and fun. Reading is the key component to an elementary school student’s success. Read, read, read, every other skill can be taught. No other skill should be taught until the student has mastery over reading. Once this is achieved, we focus on vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, grammar, and writing skills. All our programs are linked, the books they read with their teachers, are the vocabulary lessons they study at night, they are the words they use to write sentences, they are the sentences used to correct grammar mistakes. We offer numerous opportunities to study at home, if the parent or students want to challenge themselves, they chance to do so is present. We have been wildly successful with our approach, but it takes a combined effort from student, parent and teacher.